Three Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas in Rochester  

Life happens in the kitchen. As a focal point in any home, the kitchen serves as a gathering space and an area that can jumpstart your day or help you settle in for a peaceful evening. Given how much time you spend there, it’s essential that your kitchen’s design reflects your style and creates the ideal environment for you and your family.  

As a high-end kitchen remodeling company in Rochester, Kitchens By Premier provides a vast array of customizable cabinet designs to transform and elevate your space. Our expert contractors can help you create the stunning modern kitchen of your dreams with the perfect cabinetry according to your vision.  

Need some inspiration? We’ve compiled a list of three design concepts and ways to implement modern kitchen cabinet ideas in Rochester homes.  

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Your Rochester Home  

From vibrant colors to unique finishes to customized storage solutions, Kitchens By Premier can help you bring your ideal kitchen cabinetry to life.   

Choose a Unique Door Style 

What better way to add an exciting edge to your cabinet design than specialized doors? If standard cabinetry feels too simple for your tastes, consider changing things up with a personalized door design. Choose from various materials, such as glass, metal, and wood, to create the perfect door style for your needs.  

Glass cabinet doors allow for open storage and a reflective, glossy finish. Metal grate doors offer a unique mix of open and closed storage and combine modernity with a somewhat rustic design. With so many options available, we guarantee you’ll find a style that feels right for your home.  

Build Cabinets into the Island 

Who says you have to sacrifice functionality for beauty? With custom cabinetry from Kitchens By Premier, you can combine stunning designs with practical storage solutions that make the most of your space.  

Customize your island with extra cabinets and drawers to free up wall space and create conveniently placed storage. Easily access utensils, cookware, ingredients, and more while boasting a design tailored to your style.  

Spice Things Up with Finishing Details 

A splash of vibrant color can quickly turn a plain, dull kitchen into a bright, lively space. Choose from various paints to set the room’s tone, creating a color palette as bold or subtle as you wish to make it yours.   

Alternatively, if you’d like to combine modern kitchen cabinet ideas in your Rochester home with a touch of rustic charm, consider sticking with a solid hardwood finish. Use the subtler beauty of metallic handles to your advantage, creating a beautiful contrast against the paint or wood grain of your custom cabinetry.  

Get Your Custom Cabinetry Today  

As a trusted kitchen countertop contractor, Kitchens By Premier has implemented modern kitchen cabinet ideas in Rochester homes for many years. Our team of highly skilled artisans can bring your vision to life. If you’re ready to take the leap and transform your kitchen, call us at 585-421-7346 or 585-367-4191 to schedule your consultation.  


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