Rochester’s Must-Visit Places

Rochester is one of the cities with an illustrious and long history that was known as the biggest flour producer in the whole of the US. Because of its industrious history, Rochester has expanded to become a stunning home with an exciting atmosphere. Rochester, NY can be seen here.

Some of the things to do include:

Finger Lakes Wine Country

Most of the sweetest wines in the USA are made in Rochester, and some are traced to Finger Lakes Wine Country. The place derives its name from 11 long lakes in central New York. The lakes are narrow and long, like fingers. Click here to read about Looking for Fun Things to Do with the Family in Rochester.

Some of the amazing wines made in this region include pinot noirs, Rieslings, chardonnays, and many others. Because the wines are on another level, the wine companies in Rochester have become a must-visit place for wine lovers. 

Rochester Museum & Science Center

Visiting a museum filled with amazing science stuff is one of the best things for nerds. If you love lasers, robots, and witty science inventions, then this museum is waiting for you.