Rochester, NY Is an Eventful Place

The Different Kinds of Festivals In Rochester, NY

Festivals bring people together to celebrate certain events or successes within a specified period in a defined place. The events and festivals come with specific styles the local people subscribe to, like their own, attracting even those from other places to witness how the locals do their thing. Rochester, NY, is a happy place filled with fun, joy, and laughter that gives you a great experience that leaves you ready to visit once more to partake in the festivals and events. Rochester, NY can be seen here.

There are several festivals that get held in Rochester, and they include: 

Rochester Lilac Festival

Rochester Lilac Festival is a music, floral, and art festival that happens annually in early May at Highland Park, Rochester, NY. The Park has a massive collection of lilacs with more than 1800 bushes and over five hundred varieties, making it an excellent and engaging event for flower lovers. The festival takes ten days and has several free concerts during the festival, which gives the locals and visitors something to enjoy during the festival. The festival started in 1908 and has been a thing over the years. Click here to read about Rochester, NY Is a Historical Place.

Rochester International Jazz Festival

Rochester International Jazz Festival is a jazz festival that features performances from legendary artists that people relate to. The festival for this year has been scheduled for June 17th to June 25th and is one of the world’s leading jazz festivals. The festivals take place in June of every year and are owned and produced by RIJF and LLC. The core principles of the festival are John Nugent, a Co-Producer and artistic director, and Marc Lacona, a co-producer and executive director. The festival gets well managed and handled with a clear schedule and artist lineup that ensures everything runs smoothly without any challenges or hiccups. The festival was established in 2002 and has been presented by M&T bank over the years, providing jazz revelers with tickets and club passes to partake in the various activities and visit specific places. 

Rochester Fringe Festival

Rochester Fringe Festival was first held in 2012 and has since been a thing every year, being one of the most attended events in the United States, attracting over 100,000 attendees. The festival is a twelve-day entertainment extravaganza designed to facilitate community engagement through the performing arts. The festival is free with the best selection of fringe comedy, theatre, cabaret music, children’s shows, spoken wore and so much more. Ben Hill is the festival director who ensures that everything gets done to perfection to give you a great experience throughout the festival. 

ROC Holiday Village

ROC Holiday Village is New York’s favorite magical winter festival that features free ice and skating, among other activities. The event doesn’t get charged in any way and is family-friendly with a shopping experience like no other which further spices up the whole event, making you have a great time with friends and family. The various festivals make Rochester, NY, a destination of choice for those that desire to have a great time. 

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