Rochester Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Rochester is one of the best places you should visit whenever you are looking for a tourist destination. There are many things to do and several places to visit whenever you are in New York. Visit this link for more information.

 They include:

Rochester Public Market

Visiting the Rochester Public Market is the best place to get a taste of the local life. The market is open every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. You’ll find items like fruits, veggies, flowers, cheeses, baked goods, artisan items, and honey. Read about Rochester’s Must-Visit Places here.

It’s the best alternative when you want to support local sellers and learn more about the community. 

Charlotte–Genesee Lighthouse

The Charlotte–Genesee Lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses that is active. It rests on Lake Ontario. With a height of 40 feet, 42 steps, and 11 ladder rungs leading to a 12 feet lantern room, this towering sight is amazing.  

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