Ridgemont, New York, USA, Is a Fun-Filled Neighborhood

While there are many neighborhoods to live in around Rochester, Ridgemont is one of the favorite choices. With this in mind, since the town enjoys a proximate location to Rochester, it offers access to the following fun spots. Learn information about Rochester, NY.

RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium

The RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium is one of the most loved Rochester attractions, and it should be on your list of places to go if you’re fascinated by astronomy and the world beyond our planet. It is famous for putting on incredible shows that educate, enlighten, and fascinate the community regarding heavenly bodies and the universe. Discover facts about Webster, NY; A Home to Endless Fun Activities.

Strong National Museum

The Strong National Museum of Play encompasses an impressive 150,000 square feet that are all entirely dedicated to toys, games, and forms of entertainment that many children love and grew up with. It’s an entertaining site with many activities that are among the best things to do in Rochester, NY, when visiting with kids.

Highland Park

Highland Park is one of Rochester’s most famous places to visit, due in part to its beautiful landscaping, teeming flora, and delightful arboretum. The stunning park contains over 1,200 lilac shrubs as part of its world-renowned arboretum. With scenic gullies and little hills set over 150 acres of land, it’s a great place to go sightseeing and is packed with attractions on and near its grounds.

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