Kitchen Remodeling Cost in Rochester, NY

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What Affects Your Rochester Kitchen Remodeling Cost? 

Kitchen remodel cost is one of the first considerations for homeowners considering a kitchen renovation project. Kitchen renovation costs will depend on the size of your kitchen and work surfaces, the number of kitchen cabinets you plan to install, and your choice of materials. 

Kitchens By Premier’s top-rated kitchen design specialists in Rochester, NY, can help you construct a cost-effective kitchen remodel plan that makes the most out of your budget. 

Types of Kitchen Remodels in Rochester, NY, and Surrounding Areas 

Your kitchen project costs may go up or down depending on the kitchen remodel you need. Are you only planning some basic upgrades, or do you want a complete kitchen overhaul? Are you prepared to invest in premium kitchen cabinet, kitchen countertop, and flooring materials? This and more will influence your final cost estimate. 

Basic kitchen remodels

A basic kitchen remodel typically preserves the existing layout to keep costs down. Such projects often include updating hardware and replacing lighting fixtures.

Mid-level kitchen remodels

A mid-level kitchen remodel may include rearranging your kitchen layout, upgrading appliances, installing custom cabinets, and even removing walls. 

Major kitchen renovations

A major kitchen remodel project seamlessly blends your new kitchen with adjacent spaces, which often requires structural changes. This type of kitchen renovation may involve plumbing and electric works, unique architectural details, and custom lighting. 

More specifically, your kitchen renovation costs may depend on your choice of: 


Kitchen countertop materials range from concrete and recycled glass to granite, marble, and quartz. Higher-end materials like granite and quartz come with a steep price tag but will lend elegance to your kitchen and last a lifetime with proper care. 


Kitchen backsplash covers the gap between the cabinets and the countertops. Backsplash can consist of ceramic tiles and natural stone. Luxury backsplash tile can accentuate your countertops and match or contrast with your kitchen floor. 


Cabinets come in a range of options and prices. Custom cabinets cost more, but they will give your kitchen a more finished, tailored look and help maximize storage space. 

Additionally, factors like the extent of the prep work and appliance installation costs will also influence your kitchen remodel bottom line. 

One thing to remember is that a low kitchen remodeling quote won’t necessarily give you high value. Your new kitchen will stay beautiful longer and serve you better if you invest in expert design, premium materials, and quality craftsmanship. 

Rochester kitchen remodeling cost

Want To Know the Kitchen Remodel Cost for Your Home? Call Kitchens By Premier Today! 

Kitchen remodeling can enhance your home design, create a more functional kitchen space, and increase your property’s value. A smart renovation plan will incorporate your home vision into an efficient design that combines visual appeal with practical function. 

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