Exciting Things to Do in Rochester

Rochester is one of the best places to visit in New York. This magnificent city offers many things to do and incredible sights to view. Whether you are amused by amazing waterfalls, world-class museums, fascinating culture, or local culinary creations, Rochester is the place to visit. Information can be found here.

Some of the things to do include:

High Falls

Situated in the heart of downtown Rochester, you will find amazing high falls on the Genesee river. This is an almost 100-foot waterfall that forms a dramatic scene in the center of town. There are numerous viewing spots where you can see the waterfall. See here for information about Best Things to Do in Rochester, NY.

Cobb’s Hill Park

This 109-acre park is located southwest of downtown Rochester. Cobb’s Hill Park features numerous amenities, including playgrounds and sports fields. Cobb’s Hill Park is the home of the town’s reservoir. The highlight is the skyline from the peak of Cobb’s Hill. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the best sports in Rochester to watch as the sun goes down.