Best Things to Do in Rochester, NY

Rochester is one of the magnificent cities in New York that are ideal for quick gateways. There are many cool things to do and places to go, and you will easily find new places to explore. We have combined a list of unique and fun things to do in Rochester for kids and adults. Learn information about Rochester, NY. 

Learn New Things at the George Eastman Museum

If you love photography, your eyes will sparkle at the mention of George Eastman, as he was the pioneer of modern photography. The George Eastman Museum was a similar building George Eastman constructed in 1905. Discover facts about Fun Things to Do in Rochester, NY.

After his death, the building was bequeathed to the University of Rochester, which donated the mansion and its environs to the museum to commemorate the name and the work of George Eastman. It’s not surprising that the building is one of the oldest photography museums.

Some of the original collections in this museum include the historical collection of Eastman Kodak Company, and the Alexander Gardner civil war photographs made by Medicus. 

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