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At Kitchens By Premier, our team of professionals collaborates with you to create the home remodel of your dreams. We can design any room from kitchens, home-offices, laundry room and custom entertainment centers, and even provide bathroom remodeling services as well! Each project involves a team of specialists to ensure your home design project goes as efficiently and smooth as possible. Our passion is driven by your satisfaction.



The Designer helps you design your personal space to fit your lifestyle. They carefully coordinate the aesthetic elements (finishes, counter surfaces, appliances, fixtures, and hardware) to achieve your wants and needs in the style you desire and the function/storage you require. In addition, they can also work with your architect, new home builder and contractor to ensure a successful outcome with your kitchen or bathroom remodeling services. Your designer will be there for you through out the home remodeling project and long afterwards for any of your needs.

Project Design Manager

Works with the Designer to ensure the design is executed properly and provides support in all areas of the project.

Field & Production Supervisor

The Field & Production Supervisor verifies accuracy of all orders prior to production to aid in eliminating possible future delays. They will coordinate and oversee in-house manufacturing and deliveries as well. They will also schedule directly with homeowners, builders and contractors while supervising the installation phase of our interior kitchen or bathroom remodeling services.

Kitchen Craftsmen

Our Craftsmen take great pride in fitting your new cabinetry and counters with the utmost care and attention to detail so that you can enjoy your new room for many years to come. Not only do our craftsman work in the kitchen, but they provide a wide range of bathroom remodeling services as well!

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