Bathroom Cabinets in Rochester, NY

Kitchens By Premier Can Also Help With Your Bathroom Sinks and Cabinets 

A set of new bathroom cabinets, an elegant vanity and bathroom countertops, and a stylish sink can transform your bathroom. The right design touches elevate a bland bathroom to an inviting space that looks like a luxurious spa. 

Kitchens By Premier can help you choose the perfect bathroom sink and vanity to combine elegance with functionality. 

Design Your Oasis With the Most Beautiful Bathroom Cabinets in Rochester, NY

Your bathroom can be much more than an overlooked space where you pop in once a day for a quick shower. A quick revamp can turn a plain bathroom into a hub of relaxation and serenity. Upgraded bathroom cabinets, sink, and bathroom countertops will also help impress visitors and boost your home’s value.

At Kitchens by Premier, we provide custom bathroom cabinet design that combines aesthetics, functionality, and the finest craftsmanship on every project. We use high-end materials to ensure your new cabinets withstand moisture and stay in prime condition for many years.

Incorporating modern innovations, we also offer an array of options for LED lighting tailored to bathroom cabinets. These ingenious lighting solutions not only enhance the visual appeal of your cabinets but also provide functional illumination to assist you in your daily routines. Elevate your bathroom’s ambiance and usability with our thoughtfully designed LED lighting options, turning your cabinets into both practical storage and aesthetic highlights.

Live Comfortably With the Best Bathroom Cabinet Storage Solutions for Your Rochester Home 

Designers and homeowners in Rochester, NY, often have to work around space restrictions when choosing bathroom cabinets. Corner cabinets and rolling cabinets can maximize space utilization and provide creative storage solutions. A bathroom vanity and bathroom countertop translate into extra space for your belongings. 

Bathroom cabinets must withstand exposure to moisture, water, and temperature changes. Additionally, the installation must be solid enough to carry the weight of toiletries, towels, soaps and shampoos, and other personal care items. 

For these reasons, it’s important to work with a designer who understands your space needs and commits to providing a top-quality product and installation. 

Why Choose Us as Your Bathroom Cabinet Experts in Rochester?

Here is why we are the top source of premium bathroom cabinets in Rochester, NY: 


Since 1987, we have served over 18,000 local clients in and around Rochester. 

Personal approach

Our talented designers will suggest a bathroom cabinet design concept that will suit your preferences, available space, and storage needs.

Quality craftsmanship

Our skilled, competent installers who will fit your custom cabinetry and new sink with close attention to detail.

Streamlined process

We can work directly with your home builder, architect, or bathroom contractor if necessary. 

100% client satisfaction

To ensure we comply with your wishes, our design team will consult you throughout the design plan development, product selection, and finalization of the project’s details. 

Too Many Bathroom Cabinet Design Ideas To Choose From? We Know Where To Start! 

When choosing bathroom cabinetry, you need cabinets that work well with your existing bathroom, provide enough storage space for all your personal care essentials, and hold up well in a moist, warm environment. 

Kitchens By Premier’s cabinet design experts will work with you to find the ideal storage solutions for your bathroom in Rochester, NY. Contact us for more information on high-end bathroom cabinets. 



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