Bars in Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY, is commonly known as The Flower City. The city offers the best experience to residents and visitors. In addition, the nightlife in the city is full of activities that can give your evening a wonderful vibe. Rochester, NY can be seen here.

 You can immerse yourself in the following popular bars.

Lux Lounge

Lux Lounge is open throughout the week up to late at night. It features an artistic décor and serves the best cocktails. You can enjoy live music in the bar’s backyard for a great night out. Click here to read about Museums in Rochester, NY.


A night out with your friends at Salinger’s will give you a feel of the city’s entertainment vibe. The bar features some of the best beers, wines, and cocktails served by friendly staff for a positive experience.

The Daily Fresher

You have no reason to miss out on the best whiskey and cocktail selections at The Daily Refresher. The bar has a calm ambiance allowing you to have a relaxing evening while you enjoy your drinks. Whether you visit alone or with friends, you’re sure to have the best time.

 Rochester has some of the best late-night bars in New York. They offer the best drinks and entertainment options to give every guest an outstanding experience.

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