5 Reasons Modern Bathroom Cabinet Installation in Rochester Is Worth It  

bathroom countertop Rochester nyAs inflation soars, many homeowners in Rochester, NY, re-examine their home improvement budgets and often delay planned projects. Given the sky-high costs of living, should you prioritize renovating your bathroom? 

Kitchens By Premier, a leading custom cabinet designer and bathroom countertop contractor in Rochester, lists five reasons modern bathroom cabinet installation in Rochester is a good investment.  

1. Replacing Your Bathroom Cabinets Is a Quick, Low-mess Upgrade 

Unlike a full-blown bathroom renovation that may include installing a new bathtub and floors, replacing your bathroom cabinets is a quick and less messy upgrade with minimal disruption to your routine. Depending on your bathroom layout and number of cabinets, experienced contractors can usually complete a cabinetry replacement project within a few hours.  

2. New Bathroom Cabinets Can Modernize Your Home 

Trends in kitchen and bathroom design change fast. While you don’t always need to keep up with the latest style, if you haven’t upgraded your bathroom in decades, new cabinetry is one of the most efficient ways to give your bathroom a modern makeover that will jive with the rest of your home.  

A professional bathroom designer from Kitchens By Premier can help you choose modern touch-ups for your bathroom cabinetry, like floating vanities and a smooth, minimalistic design.  

3. Upgrading Your Cabinets Gives You More Convenient Use and Storage 

As a utility-focused room, your bathroom often serves as a storage location for shampoos, soaps, towels, and personal care articles. If your bathroom doubles as a laundry room, efficient storage becomes even more important.  

Custom bathroom cabinets help you designate space for everything. You can also plan your cabinets so that every family member has separate space for their items.    

4. Bathroom Cabinet Replacement Brings High ROI 

Minor bathroom remodels, like modern bathroom cabinet installation in Rochester, are among the highest ROI home improvement projects. According to FortuneBuilders, a minor bathroom remodel will yield an average ROI of 102%, making it one of the few home improvement projects on which homeowners may expect to recoup all its costs.  

5. New Bathroom Cabinets Can Increase Your Home’s Value 

If you plan to sell your home, an attractive-looking and convenient bathroom will help you impress potential buyers. While your bathroom isn’t thebathroom vanities Rochester first thing your viewers will see, aesthetically pleasing bathroom cabinets can help your home stand out among similar properties on the local market.  

When installing new bathroom cabinetry to prepare your home for sale, choosing neutral colors and styles that appeal to prospective buyers makes the most sense. Clean lines and solid neutral hues are usually safe for bathrooms, so stick with the tried and true.  

Kitchens by Premier: Top-level Bathroom Contractorand Kitchen Remodeling Company in Rochester, NY 

New cabinets can transform your bathroom’s look, improve your bathroom experience, and boost your home’s value. Kitchens By Premier, a high-end bathroom cabinet contractor, offers top-quality modern bathroom cabinet installation in Rochester, NY. Ready to revamp your bathroom? Call us at 585-421-7346 for a free estimate. 



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